Living with families

The family of Belluno is comfortable in its simplicity. Houses are well cared for and clean. You will be surrounded by the green, Belluno is a city where the quality of life is high, the green is everywhere, the air is clean. Being guest in a family is a complete experience that lets you immerse in culture and in the real life, in addition to be a good method to practise Italian. In our families, you will find your single bedroom or in common with other students, the linens, you will eat with them. The family will host you free as a friend/member of the family.

Hotels and B&B

The centre Le Lingue nel Mondo offers you a list of hotels that you can find in Belluno, 5 minutes with the train and 10 with the bus.

During the stay, the guest has to abide by the inner rules of the chosen accommodation or the rules of the family. For all needs, Le Lingue nel Mondo is at your service during the whole period of the Italian course stay.

Booked accommodation by Le Lingue nel Mondo:

The language centre offers to its non-resident associated students a service of research and booking of the accommodation. This one can be a Hotel, a B&B, a host family, as you prefer.

Le Lingue nel Mondo has not own accommodations, it can only provide its non-resident students a service of research and booking of the accommodation, upon request. We will consider the real availability and the necessities of the student.

The price varies according to the duration of the accommodation, the period of the year and the characteristics of the accommodation (distance from the school, private bath, extra services like TV, conditioned air, parking).

The Dolomites area has several B&B, some of them closer to the Language centre and other that are more distant. The student will be informed as to the distance. The Language centre will organize possible transfers. In some transfers the students can use public transportation or bike, when requested and if the distance is not a problem.

The host families are all selected and personally known by the management office of the Language centre, that verify their reliability and quality of the welcome. Their purpose is having the opportunity to know other cultures and host the student as if he/she were a friend and a member of the family.

The Language centre will receive the accommodation amount from the student, on behalf of the accommodating structure

Booked accommodation from the student:

The student could independently look for and book his/her accommodation, without appointing Le Lingue nel Mondo (apart from the accommodation in the family and the course AT HOME). The balance will be directly remitted by the student to the structure, according to the instructions given by the structure itself. The student has to send promptly to Le Lingue nel Mondo the name and the address of the structure. Possibly, the accommodation has to be close to the language centre.

Approximate prices of the accommodation:

Family and “at home”:

The accommodation is free. Le Lingue nel Mondo will ask for the amount for each person, that is 100 € per week for the research of the family.

B & B:

Price for 1 person per week (only breakfast) from € 210 to € 350 (it depends on the bedroom – single or double – and on the bath, if it is shared or not).

The use of the telephone is not included.

The transfer is not included (see “Transfer Card”).



The student will receive a card, in order to go shopping in the agreed upon stores here in Belluno (and its district). In this way, he/she will accumulate credit in the finquer card. This credit can be spent in all our agreed upon stores.

The student just needs to have a smartphone and download the app.


The students of Italian in the Dolomites have a particular service, offered exclusively to the members of the courses, an added value with remarkable cultural interest. The students will be put into contact with the territory, thanks to meetings with people, who have professional and cultural interest required by the student. For example, with managers, sportsmen, artists, historians, travellers


The student will receive a card, that corresponds to the transfer he/she needs to move from the accommodation to the Language centre, or he/she will be given carnet tickets for the bus or the train. The price will be calculated according to the number of days of the stay for the course.